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@  wreckless : (08 February 2019 - 06:43 PM) just getting used to this site. have an original xjr 1300, 03 plate, black, with the nice paint job. I love it, but not had a big bike before, so still,l a bit nervous of it, but will definitely keep it, 32,000 on the clock, looks lovely. light as a feather when you ride it, but quite heavy, so i find hill starts and right hand turns hard. pleased to join this forum.
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Buying A 99-Xjr1300 - 98K Mileage

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#1 ebinmoothedam


    new in town

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Posted 20 December 2015 - 03:49 AM

Hi Members,


I am Ebin from Australia and been riding motorcycles for over 26 years. Been looking to buy an XJR for quite sometime and yesterday came across this one at the teammoto dealers. 


I cannot download the pictures from the dealer website, so putting a link to the website if anyone interested in seeing the big pictures.




Attached File  522339.jpg   40.99K   11 downloadsAttached File  522339_1.jpg   1.89K   10 downloadsAttached File  522339_2.jpg   1.85K   4 downloadsAttached File  522339_3.jpg   1.93K   3 downloadsAttached File  522339_4.jpg   1.9K   2 downloadsAttached File  522339_6.jpg   1.97K   0 downloadsAttached File  522339_7.jpg   1.74K   0 downloadsAttached File  522339_8.jpg   1.68K   0 downloadsAttached File  522339_9.jpg   1.9K   1 downloadsAttached File  522339_10.jpg   2K   1 downloadsAttached File  522339_11.jpg   1.78K   1 downloadsAttached File  522339_12.jpg   1.49K   1 downloadsAttached File  522339_13.jpg   1.5K   4 downloadsAttached File  522339_14.jpg   2.05K   5 downloads


Its a 1999 XJR1300 with 98 thousand kilometers on the odo. I took the bike for a spin, and surprisingly the motor is BUTTER SMOOTH. Bike has everything stock as I can see, the outside of the engine is dry as new, with no oil leaks, no squeaks or rattles and the bike stays straight and stable even on low speeds. I could not find anything faulty or wrong with it and i rode it for about 15 minutes.


The front brakes were a bit soft and the bike felt a little heavy to flick or zigzag. But the bike stays super stable and hold a straight line if you leave your hands off the bar.


The total price would be around $4500 AUD or 2170 Pounds (this includes all the government fees, 6 months registration). The bike will have a new battery and the tires looks decent.


I want to know, should I go for this ? or would I be crazy if I dont get this ? XJR is the bike I always wanted, and there are other XJRS (2002 to above) ranging from $6500 AUD and above, with mileages from 32K and above.


I found other threads where people are still riding XJR's over 100K on the odo (one guy with 166K ? seriously ?).


I want all you readers opinion on this... should I go for it ? (yes I want to...my emotions), but want expert opinions.


What do you think ??? :blush:

#2 DAC


    new in town

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Posted 29 April 2016 - 12:46 PM

I have never looked back after buying my XJR. They are heavy and wouldn't suit a person of short stature. They also do not flick into corners and need an animated riding style to lean them in. Once set up they track well with minimum interference with road defects as the rear shocks are good. I would think that a bike with 100K that has has regular servicing would be good for at lest another 100K

Being a compromise between a sports bike and a tourer the seat can get uncomfortable after about an hour. Maybe it's just my bony arse. Also if your planning on riding fast the lack of fairing can make riding uncomfortable. Mine is a newer model with fuel injection. They remain the largest air/oil cooled 4 cylinder production motorcycle and they'er naked and look good. Saying all of that, there is a motorcycle to suit everyone. DAC

#3 captain caveman

captain caveman

    using the local

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Posted 29 April 2016 - 05:57 PM

welcome to the forum, great looking xjr, enjoy the many miles that you will travel on her, the grin factor never goes



#4 timelord


    Im shy

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Posted 30 April 2016 - 06:08 PM

I've owned my bike for over 10 years now, I travel distances on her without issue, I will admit, the seat can be a bit harsh, I'm getting mine refurbished, I'm also going to have a gel pad installed, I also invested in a screen, it does make a difference to the feel at speed, maybe not the ultimate in handling, but very comfortable, competent, if it's been regularly serviced, 100k plus is nothing, they're cheap to run, if you want a solid, reliable bike, you won't go far wrong with a tried and tested XJR, like Captain Caveman says, the grin factor never goes.
I'm kitting mine out ready for a touring break in the future.

#5 ebinmoothedam


    new in town

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Posted 01 May 2016 - 12:05 AM

Hi There


Sorry I wasnt on the forum for a while, but guess what ? I bought the bike in December and is still riding it. The bike is absolutely fantastic. I changed the stock handle bars to a renthal one and also installed a usb power thingy to charge my phone. Rest all is stock. Bikes done about 99577kms and it still is super smooth.


The dealers reduced the rear shock height and lifted the front shocks a bit for me so I can keep my both foot touched on the ground comfortably. Yes it a bit of a big bike for me and I am super careful where I park and how I park so that I can roll it off easy when I am set to go. 


I tried running on the 91 and 95 fuel we get in Australia and i think 95 is a bit more easier on the engine and I find it a little smooth. May be psychological.


Other than that, the clip slips at higher rev but I have read that its a common problem with XJR's and I am happy with it as I dont "race" the bike.


Absolutely love the bike !!!

#6 chad


    new in town

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Posted 14 March 2019 - 03:42 AM

Glad that yer having fun on your XJR 13 mate. Must MOT mine & tax it, plus Insurance. (must check me Pockets) lol   :glare:

#7 bettyswollokss


    Im shy

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Posted 17 March 2019 - 10:14 AM

My clutch slips when I rev it hard,I've got the extra spring to fit, but as I don't rev it that hard often I'm in no rush to do the job.
I'm Only 4fut3 But I Look A Lot Bigger From A Distance?

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