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2015 Xjr 1300 Dies After 30 Seconds When Riding

dies xjr1300 problem

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#1 xjr_lostintime


    new in town

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Posted 26 December 2018 - 02:00 PM

HI all, new member here i hope somebody can give me some advise on the issue,


Ok so i brought an XJR1300 at auction to get it home to find out the bike warms up fine and will sit there no issues what so ever, you are able to rev it clean with no problems at all, bike will sit all day like this with no issues at all!



How ever when you put the bike in 1st gear and try to ride off the bike will ride fine for the first 30 seconds until the bike starts loosing power and cuts out, no amount of throttle makes any difference at all and it cannot be saved. Bike dies with a judder




This issue is really got me stumped and i dont know what to do next,



Things i have tested are as follows:


Voltage reads 14.4v at idle at battery terminals, also when reving voltage stays constant


I have checked CO levels and they read 4,6,4,4 which as far as i can tell nothing seems out of adjustment.




Bike has 3,6k on clock so seems rather new, i suspect it has had this problem since day 0 however i am just throwing thought at this.




Bike has an akrapovic exhaust upgrade with DB still inserted



Really looking for any ideas on this



I will compression test soon but i am wondering if there is a sensor issue or otherwise maybe to take time to look into first







Thank you all





#2 AndyF


    using the local

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Posted 26 December 2018 - 02:48 PM

has the tank been off? Check the breather pipes are not kinked, also check the fuel pump is working


#3 xjr_lostintime


    new in town

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Posted 26 December 2018 - 05:35 PM

Hi thank you for quick reply, one of the breathers seems to have fuel in the line, after blowing down it  so i suspect this may be an issue, im not sure how fuel is able to reside in the line and not blow out, i will chase the line back and confirm what this issue is there. i will check it when its light tomorrow. Also fuel pump was my next suspect, but i was looking on feedback from others before looking at a replacement, i will report back my findings to help others who stumble on this post,



Thank you

#4 bettyswollokss


    Im shy

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Posted 31 December 2018 - 12:44 AM

Fuel tank breather blocked causing a vac lock?
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#5 Boot


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Posted 03 January 2019 - 09:38 AM

one of the hoses is a breather, the other is a drain.

It does sound like fuel starvation due to a blocked breather.

Oh shit!

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